Gay or straight, love is not always permanent. Couples, married or not, go their separate ways. It may be that you flew to Boston with the love of your life in May of 2004. You got married to celebrate the new available legal marriage status for same sex partners. That was years ago. Your love… Read More

The tax side of marriage is new territory for same sex couples. Some highlights that may be news to you: If you are married as of December 31, you are treated as if you were married all year. Federal income tax returns use married rules — no matter where you live, including states that don’t… Read More

You may owe money to some employees – and the IRS may owe you even more! For same-sex married couples, the out of pocket cost for benefits has been as much as 50% higher for the spouse’s coverage because of taxes. The extra cost came into play because the benefits were taxable to the employee.… Read More

Fraud, identity theft, expired tax savings, the fiscal cliff. Add them all up and we’re in for a challenging tax season. Here’s what you can expect. LATE START The first day for efiling your 2012 return is January 22, 2013. How does this compare to other years? Before 2012, efiling for individual returns usually started… Read More

Ask taxpayers without children whether they support anyone, and the most common response? “Does my dog count?” The short answer is “no.” The technical answer is “no.” (That’s because you can’t legally claim your dog as a dependent. Ever.) But, as with most tax questions, the real answer is, “it depends.” Many of us lavish… Read More